With ReefMaster you can create your own maps, view sonar recordings, manage waypoints, and produce stunning high-resolution sidescan mosaic images.

3D Map

What is ReefMaster?

ReefMaster is a Windows PC application that uses data from sonar log files to create 3D underwater maps, combined with a multi-channel sonar viewer and graphical waypoint management.

  • Underwater Mapping
    Create contour maps from sonar log files and view them in 2D and 3D, with a range of base-map options. Save maps for use on your GPS unit.
  • Multi-channel Sonar Viewer
    Multi-channel sonar viewer for Lowrance and Humminbird sonar log files, including support for the latest Humminbird ONIX units.
  • Waypoint Management
    View and edit waypoints over a world base map, with support for multiple waypoint sets and loading and saving waypoints in a range of file formats.
  • Sidescan Mosaic
    View sidescan sonar over world base maps and create high-resolution sidescan mosaic images by combining any number of sidescan sonar log files from Humminbird or Lowrance units, using the optional Sidescan Mosaic module.


Underwater Mapping

The depth sounder on your boat can detect how deep the water underneath you is. Your GPS knows where you are. ReefMaster puts this depth and position data together to build a highly detailed underwater map.

  • Create contour maps from sonar log files and view them in 2D and 3D, with a range of base-map options.
  • Combine mapping data from a wide range of sources, including native Lowrance and Humminbird sonar logs, GPX files, NMEA 0183, ESRI Shapefiles and text files.
  • Create maps of the sea or lake bed hardness using the optional Bottom Composition add-on module.
  • Calculate water volumes using the optional Volumes and Areas add-on module.
  • Create, drag and drop waypoints in both the 2D and 3D map views.
  • View and export maps in a range of pre-defined palettes, or create your own colour scheme.
  • Adjustable contour intervals in metric or US units.
  • Create maps up to 400km² in size.
3D Map
3D Map
3D Map

Create maps in real-time with NMEA 0183 data:

  • Log depth and position data via NMEA 0183.
  • Create maps in real time, with a split screen (live-track/map) display.
  • Receive GPS and depth from up to two separate NMEA sources, with adjustable latency.
  • Show the live boat position on any ReefMaster screen.
Live Mapping

Save your maps in a range of formats, including:

  • Single click export for a range of Lowrance and Google Earth Preset Map Styles.
  • Generate stunning AT5 vector or shaded-relief maps for Lowrance and Simrad GPS units.
  • Create contour maps as track files for display on Humminbird devices.
  • Export full-colour contour maps in Google Earth's KML format for display within Google Earth and mobile devices.
  • Save geo-referenced, high-resolution map images for use in documents and websites.
  • Save contour maps in ESRI Shapefile format and 3D bathymetry in ESRI grid format for use in other GIS applications.

Example Lowrance, Google Earth and image map exports:

Multi-channel Sonar Viewer

  • Compatible with Humminbird and Lowrance sonar log files.
  • Multi-channel, split-screen display with smooth playback up to 30x.
  • Adjustable brightness, contrast and colour palettes.
  • Create waypoints in the sonar viewer.
  • Measure distance and estimate object height or depth using shadow length.
  • Adjust track-point depths in the sonar viewer to correct bottom-lock errors.
Sonar Viewer

Waypoint Management

  • View and edit waypoints, with drag and drop in 2D and 3D.
  • Import and export waypoints in a range of formats, including native Lowrance, Humminbird and GPX, with automatic duplicate elimination.
  • Support for multiple waypoint sets, with easy, graphical copying and moving of waypoints across sets.
  • Attach any number of notes and images to waypoints.

Track Management

  • Store your past tracks in ReefMaster, with easy access via the Asset Library.
  • View tracks over world base-maps.
  • Crop, split and merge tracks, and save the results back to your GPS unit.
  • Adjust track-point depths for lake-level or tide variations.
  • Log data from NMEA data sources.
  • Export raw track data in a range of formats, including comma-separated text files for use in other GIS applications.
Track Management

Additional Modules

Sidescan Mosaic

Create high-resolution mosaic images from sidescan sonar logs

  • Compatible with Lowrance and Humminbird sidescan sonar data.
  • Combine data from any number of sonar files.
  • Fast and easy review of in-situ sidescan data.
  • Automatic blending of sidescan swaths to produce composite images with little or no editing.
  • Noide reduction, sharpening and adjustable, across-swath gain correction.
  • Export high-resolution sidescan imagery in a wide range of formats, including PNG images, Google Earth, MBTiles and Navico AT5.

Requires an existing ReefMaster license

Sidescan Mosaic

Bottom Composition

Create hardness maps from sonar log files

  • Roughness (E1), hardness (E2) and peak signal layers
  • Export hardness maps as contours or iso-areas in Shapefile, KML and Navico AT5 formats
  • Full vector Navico AT5 format overlays can be turned on or off via unit settings
  • View hardness maps in 3D

Requires an existing ReefMaster license

bottom composition

Volumes and Areas

Measure mapped areas and water volumes

  • Calculate water volumes across a configurable range of depths
  • Calculate sediment volumes using a known reference depth
  • Export measurements in CSV format for use in Microsoft Excel

Requires an existing ReefMaster license

volumes and areas