ReefMaster v2.0 is Now Available!

See what you've been missing

ReefMaster Software offers a suite of affordable, consumer-friendly Windows PC applications to help you get the most out of your sonar. View sonar logs and edit waypoints with our standalone Sonar Viewer, or create 3D bathymetric maps and sidescan mosaics using ReefMaster. ReefMaster is your complete sonar solution - ideal for marine professionals, academics and fishing enthusiasts. Get started with our free trial and experience it for yourself.


Underwater Mapping
• Create contour maps from sonar log files and view them in 2D and 3D.
• Fully adjustable contour intervals, with  support for metric or US units.
• Create maps in real time using NMEA 0183 data.
• Save finished maps in a wide range of formats.


Sidescan Mosaic
• Compatible with Lowrance and Humminbird sidescan sonar data.
• Create large, high-resolution mosaics using data from any number of track logs.
• Fast and easy review of in-situ sidescan data.
• Export sidescan imagery in a wide range of formats, including KML super-overlays and AT5 raster format for use directly in Navico chart-plotters.


Waypoint Management
• View and edit waypoints, with drag and drop in 2D and 3D.
• Import and export waypoints in a range of formats, including native Lowrance, native Humminbird and GPX, with automatic duplicate elimination.
• Easy, graphical copying and moving of waypoints across multiple waypoint sets.
• Attach any number of notes and images to waypoints.


Multi-channel Sonar Viewer
• Market leading sonar viewer for Lowrance and Humminbird sonar logs.
• Multi-channel, split-screen display with smooth playback up to 30x.
• Adjustable brightness, contrast and colour palettes.
• Drop waypoints right in the sonar viewer.
• Measure distance and estimate object height.

 Data75  Flexible Data Import/Export
• Combine mapping data from a wide range of sources, including native Lowrance and Humminbird sonar logs, GPX files, NMEA 0183, Shapefile and CSV files.
Export maps in a range of formats, including:

• Navico AT5 for compatibility with a wide range of Lowrance devices, new and old.
• Full vector maps in Google Earth for use on tablets and smart-phones.
• ESRI Shapefile for use in a wide range of GIS applications.
• High resolution image files and MBTiles.