Waypoint Manager/Sonar Viewer for Lowrance

The ReefMaster Waypoint Manager/Sonar Viewer for Lowrance is a Windows application designed specifically to work with data from Lowrance sonar units.
This easy-to-use program includes waypoint, trail and route management along with a multi-channel sonar viewer. Previously tedious tasks, such as updating waypoint icons or labels, or removing duplicate waypoints, can be completed in seconds with a minimum of effort.

  • Display, edit and manage waypoints with full equivalent Lowrance icon and colour sets.
  • Display, edit and manage routes and trails, convert trails to routes and convert route-points to waypoints.
  • Easily select groups of waypoints, trails or routes for export, editing or deletion.
  • Group editing operations on waypoints and trails, including icon and colour, label visibility and more.
  • Import export of Lowrance USR file format in versions 3/4/5/6, Google Earth, GPX and CSV file formats. Quickly and easily convert one file type to any other.
  • Copy and paste trails and waypoints directly from Google Earth.
  • Simple to use waypoint duplicate-removal tool.
  • Full multi-channel sonar viewer for Lowrance SLG, SL2 and SL3 sonar log files.
  • Metric or US units.


Waypoint Management

  • View, edit and manage waypoints with full equivalent Lowrance icon and colour sets, and all available Lowrance waypoint attributes, including alarm radius, depth and description.
  • Bulk editing of any waypoint attribute. Groups of waypoints can be selected in the map or list views, and waypoints can be sorted by a range of criteria, including symbol, name, time, latitude or longitude.
  • Group delete or export of selected waypoints, making it extremely easy to export waypoints from a specified region to a new data file.
  • Manage waypoint duplicates with our easy-to-use duplicate removal tool. Remove waypoints with exactly the same locations, or within a specified range, with or without the same name or time of creation.
  • Import waypoints from Lowrance USR files, preserving internal Lowrance IDs, or from Google Earth (KML), GPX or text files.
  • Copy and paste waypoints directly from Google Earth.

Trail Management

  • View and edit Lowrance trails with the full Lowrance colour set.
  • Split trails composed of multiple recording segments into individual trails, allowing each to be edited separately.
  • Convert trails to routes, with adjustable trail simplification so you can generate routes with just as many route points as you need.
  • Bulk editing, delete or export.
  • Copy and paste trails directly from Google Earth.

Route Management

  • Graphical route editing.
  • Create routes by hand or using a list of waypoints.
  • Quickly convert trails, or parts of trails, to routes, with adjustable simplification level.
  • Convert route points to waypoints, singly or in bulk.

Sonar Viewer

  • Multi channel sonar viewer supports Lowrance SLG, SL2 and SL3 sonar file formats.
  • View all recorded channels, together or in any combination, with flexible sonar channel layout.
  • Take waypoints in 2D or sidescan channel views.
  • Fast playback up to 30x speed.
  • View sonar side-by-side with map view, or in a full window.
  • Take high resolution image snapshots to the clipboard.
  • Measure distance in any channel view and or estimate object height in the sidescan channel view.
  • A range of 2D and sidescan colour palettes, with adjustable brightness and contrast.