Assets and Asset Types

Data items such as track logs, waypoint sets and map projects, are referred to in ReefMaster as assets.

Each asset type can be edited in its own window, and any number of different assets can be opened for editing at once. The active edit window can be selected by using the tab headers in the main application view. See Application Layout for a more.


Below is a very brief description of each of the asset types supported by ReefMaster. Each of these is described in detail in its own manual chapter.





Track and sonar logs imported from a GPS device are known as Tracks. Tracks are made up of a number of individual track points which contain location and depth information. Data from tracks is used as the basis for creating underwater maps.

Tracks imported from compatible sonar logs also contain a sonar viewer, which can be used to view the raw sonar footage that was recorded as the track was made.


Waypoint Sets

A Waypoint Set is the term used to refer to a group of waypoints. There can be any number of waypoint sets within a workspace, and waypoints can easily be moved or copied between different sets.





A Project is the name given to an underwater map composed of isobaths and contour lines. Maps are made using data from track points, contained within tracks. To create a map, one or more tracks are added to a project, and a map area is defined. Maps can be viewed in 3D or as contour maps.


User Maps



A User Map is a map created within ReefMaster specifically for export to a GPS device, consisting of a collection of contours, isobaths shorelines, tracks and custom paths and polygons.

User maps offer many more editing options than map projects, allowing components such as isobaths or contour lines to be styled individually before being exported for use in a GPS device.


Data Sets

A Data Set is a collection of assets grouped for export to a GPS device. Grouping assets into a data set makes it easy to maintain different sets of data for export; for example, you might create a data set for each different port that you fish out of, containing just the waypoints and maps needed for fishing in that location.


Background Images

Background Images can be imported and calibrated for use as a background within edit windows. For example, a high resolution satellite image could be imported for use as a background or image overlay in a map project.

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