The 3D View

The 3D View displays the map model in 3D, where it can be zoomed, panned and rotated. Waypoints can be viewed, edited, and moved around the map.



The 3D View is selected using the bottom of the project view icons (3). No map is shown in the 3D view if a map area has not been defined in the Define Map View.


A compass rose (4) indicates the direction of north by rotating with the map as it is moved.


1. Mouse Modes

The Mouse Mode Selector toolbar (1) contains modes Select, Pan and Drop Waypoint.


With the mouse mode set to Select, the model can be rotated using the left mouse button, and waypoints selected for editing by double-clicking.

The map can be moved with the mouse in Pan mode by moving the mouse with the left mouse button held down.

If the mouse has a middle button, the map can be moved whilst in any mouse mode by moving the mouse with the middle button held down.

Waypoints can be created by clicking on a point in the map with the left mouse button, with the mouse in Drop Waypoint mode.

The context menu for a waypoint can be shown by right-clicking on the waypoint. It does not matter which mode the mouse is in.

The map can be zoomed using the mouse wheel, or by holding the right mouse button down whilst moving the mouse up or down. Note that to zoom using the right mouse button, the pointer must not be over a waypoint when the right button is pressed.





2. 3D View Edit Toolbar

The edit toolbar for the 3D view contains many of the same functions as the standard edit windows, such as Fit Window and the standard waypoint functions.



Several extra functions are specific to the 3D view:


(1) Vertical Scale

Adjust the relative vertical scale of the 3D model.

The vertical scale can be modified in the range 0 - 10 times, whilst maintaining a constant scale along the longitude and latitude axes. Increasing the vertical scale exaggerates the appearance of depth changes, which can be help visualise changes in depth, especially in larger maps.



To adjust the vertical scale, click the Vertical Scale button, which opens the Vertical Scale Control, and move the slider (2). The map will adjust in real-time, and the current scale value is displayed behind the slider. To reset the vertical scale to 1.0, click the button (1).



(2) Palette

Change the palette. The Palette Selector is described in the Contour View.


(3) Waypoint Size

Waypoints are shown on the map in 3D, and can be opened for editing by double-clicking or operated on through the context menu by using the right mouse button, just as in the 2D views. When unlocked, Waypoints, can be dragged around the map surface; with the mouse in Select mode, click and hold the left mouse button on a waypoint and move it with the mouse. With the mouse in Drop Waypoint mode, new waypoints can be created on the map by clicking with the left mouse button.


Waypoints can be adjusted in size using the slider in the 3D Waypoint Size control.




(4) Show or hide the map

Click the map button to show or hide the land mass in the 3D map. This option is only effective when a shoreline and/or islands have been defined for the project. All land is shown at a relative elevation of 0m.

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