Data Sets

A Data Set is a collection of assets grouped for easy export.



Data sets are a simple, powerful feature that make it easy to maintain a set of assets that are commonly exported together by storing links to a group of assets.

For example,  a data set might hold all of the waypoints, tracks and maps required for a particular port. This data set could then exported with a single-click, rather than having to select the required maps, tracks and waypoints by hand every time the export is required.


Data sets have a standard edit window layout, with all of the assets that are members of the data set shown in the graphical area, in the same way as in the Global View.


The Data Set Edit Window




1. Name

The name of the data set.


2. Contents

Data sets can contain any combination of tracks, waypoint sets and user maps. The contents of the data set are shown in the Contents list, as well as in the graphical display.

Asset types can be identified in the contents list by the icon at the left of the asset row. To remove an asset from the data set, click the Remove button (3, circle) at the right of the row. Assets can also be removed through use of the the row context menu and the context menu for the asset in the graphical view.


4. Add Contents

The Add Contents section contains lists of all of the tracks, waypoint sets and user maps in the workspace. An asset can be added to the data set by using the Add button (4, circled), at the right of the asset row, or through use of the row's context menu. Assets can also be added to a data set by using the asset row context menu, through use of the screen-level context menu in the data set's graphical edit area, or through the use of individual asset context menus in the Global View.


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