Exporting Preset Map Styles

Maps produced by ReefMaster are not suitable for navigation, and should never be used for navigation.


The simplest way to export a map from a project is to use one of ReefMaster's preset map styles. Preset map styles are available for a range of Lowrance AT5 and Google Earth formats and can be exported in a "one-click" operation from the contour view of a map project.


Not all preset styles are available in the trial version of ReefMaster.


·Preset styles are designed to be a simple way of exporting a generated map project.

·Preset styles only export generated map layers - they do not include any layers that have been added from other map projects, created by hand etc. To export all map layers, use the standard Map Export functions.

·Minor contours and hardness layers can be included in some styles, but will only be included if they are currently visible within the map project.


To export using a preset style, click the Export button in the Project menu bar and select Export Using Preset Style:




The Export Map Using Preset Style window is shown, with a gallery of map styles to choose from:




The Export Map Using Preset Style window contains a sliding gallery of ten different map styles. A map style page can be selected by either clicking the appropriate button in the bar at the top of the window (1) or by navigating through the style collection using the left and right arrow buttons (2, 3). Once the required style has been selected, the map is exported by clicking the Save button (4).


Each map style is shown with an example image and some information about the map format. Not all map formats are compatible with all units - for example, raster based maps cannot be viewed on pre-HDS or non-HDI Elite models.


The Insight Map Creator

All AT5 map exports are produced using the Navico™ Insight Map Creator, which is a free tool from Navico that processes ESRI Shapefiles to create maps in the AT5 format suitable for use in Lowrance™ and Simrad™ GPS units.


Before exporting any maps in the AT5 format, the Insight Map Creator must be downloaded from the Navico Insight Store (on the Insight Planner tab). Once downloaded, the zip file containing the IMC files should be unpacked, and the located of the InsightMapCreator.exe needs to be given to ReefMaster. This can be done on the Import/Export page of the Global Settings window, or during the export process.


What do I with the generated map files?

Different files and folders are created by the export process, depending on the map style selected. The files and folders that are created are listed in the Output Files section of the map style information panel.


Google Earth

For Google Earth exports, the result is a single .KMZ file which can be opened in Google Earth.



ReefMaster copies all of the resulting AT5 files into the correct directory structure for use in a memory card on a Navico unit. To write the files directly to a memory card, insert an SD card into your computer's card reader, and select the root folder of this card as the output directory in the save file window. Note that any existing AT5 map files will be overwritten.



Vector files are written to the files at5.xml and Large.at5  and, when the exported map style includes a raster component, raster data is written to a folder named ShadedRelief. These files and the ShadedRelief folder (if present) must be located in the root directory of a memory card for use in a GPS device.


·In order to see AT5 maps on your Navico™ device, you must select the option Settings/Chart/Chart data/Lowrance.

·To see the raster background, select the option Chart options/Imagery/Shaded relief.



Some map styles require that certain map layers are available, typically isobaths or shaded relief. If the required map layers are not available within the project, then pages for these styles will show a warning message, and the Save button will be disabled for that style.


Minor contours and hardness areas

When exporting a map the data that is written to the exported map file will reflect the current configuration of the project:

·If minor contours are not visible within the map project, then they will not be exported.

·Hardness areas will only be exported if they are visible within the map project.



Preset Map Styles

AT5 Vector Map

The simplest vector map for AT5 compatible devices. The AT5 Vector Map preset includes isobaths, contours and islands and a vector hardness overlay if available (and visible). If minor contours are visible then they are also exported. This export style requires an isobath map layer:



AT5 Vector Map with Depth Highlight Layer

The same as AT5 Vector Map (above) with the addition of a depth highlight layer in hot pink (AT5 colour 13). The depth highlight layer is underneath the depth layer, and can be shown by selectively disabling a depth region using the chart categories feature in the GPS unit.



AT5 Map with Colour Band Shaded Relief

Contours on top of a shaded relief raster background which is combined with an isobath layer of the same palette to produce a colour band effect. An isobath and shaded relief map layer is required within the project:



AT5 Map with Colour Gradient Shaded Relief

Contours on top of a shaded relief raster background:



AT5 Map with Colour Band Shaded Relief and Depth Highlight Layer

Contours on top of a shaded relief raster background, created using the colour band option. A depth highlight layer is included, which will intially be shown on top of the background raster. The Depth Highlight chart category must be disabled by using the chart categories menu in the unit. Individual depth highlight ranges can then be selected as required.



AT5 Vector Map with Open Street Map Data

Open street map data is available for free download and can be combined with ReefMaster map data during the map generation process. Open Street Map data can be downloaded from http://download.geofabrik.de/  (choose the .osm.pbf format). Select the smallest region that covers the required area, to keep map generation times down. When using this export process, you will be prompted for the location of an OSM data file after clicking the Save button.



AT5 Map with Flat Raster Background

Contours on top of a flat raster background:



Google Earth Map with Shaded Relief

A combination of a shaded relief ground overlay and vector contours:



Google Earth Vector Map

Vector depth areas and contours. An isobath layer is required:




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