The Project Edit Window



The Project Edit Window has a standard Edit Window layout, with a graphical edit area and properties that can be edited in the expandable Edit Panel. The tool-bar options within the edit area vary depending on the selected Project View.


Project Views

The Map Project Edit Window has three separate Views; Define Map, Contour and 3D, which provide different editing functions and view options. To move between the three views, use the Project View buttons in the top right hand corder of the edit area.


Project View Selection Buttons



(1) Define Map View

The Define Map View is where the mapped area and map boundaries are defined and edited. This view also shows all of the tracks that belong to the map project, from where they can be opened for editing or removed from the project. When a map project is first created, the Define Map view is shown. The mapped area must be defined in the define map view before the contour or 3D maps can be viewed in their respective views.


(2) Contour View

The Contour View shows the generated map in 2D, with contour lines overlaid on a coloured depth background. Contours can be selected from the contour view for export to a GPS device or User Map. The contour map view can also be exported as an image for import into Google Earth or graphics applications.


(3) 3D View

The 3D View shows the generated map in 3D.


Generating the map

When map parameters are changed, the map needs to be re-generated to reflect these changes.



The map can be regenerated by clicking the Generate Map button (4). Note that the regenerate map button is only enabled when there are pending map changes.



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