Waypoints, Trails and Routes Panels

Lists of waypoints, trails and routes are held in expandable panels at the left of the main display:



To expand a panel, click on the appropriate header (1). By default, panels will close automatically when the mouse is clicked elsewhere in the application, but can be locked open by clicking the pin icon (2). Click the pin again to collapse the panel.


Sorting and Searching

Asset information, such as name and date, is displayed in the list in separate columns, most of which can be used to sort assets. To sort the list by the attribute within a column, click once with the left mouse button in the appropriate column header (3). To reverse the sorting direction, click again in the same column header.


A Quick Search box is shown underneath the asset list (4). Typing in the search box will filter assets based on the entered search text. Waypoints, trails and routes can be searched by name, with waypoints and trails also offering the ability to search by the contents of any description text, or to search both name and description text. Choose which field(s) to search by using the drop-down list box to the left of the search text field.


Selecting Assets in the List View

One or more assets can be selected within the list, so that they can be edited, deleted, or exported. Use the left mouse button to select individual assets in the list views. To select multiple assets, hold down the CTRL key whilst selecting with the left mouse button to toggle the selection status of individual assets. A consecutive range of assets can be selected by selecting one asset normally, then holding down the SHIFT key whilst selecting another asset in the list. This operation will select all assets between the two chosen assets, inclusive of the chosen assets. To select all assets in the list, use the CTRL+A keyboard short-cut.


An Edit bar (5), containing a range of functions specific to the asset type list, is shown underneath the list view. These functions usually  include buttons to delete or edit currently selected assets, or to create a new asset.


The specific options available for each panel are detailed in the trails, routes and waypoints manual pages.