Managing Waypoint Duplicates

It can be useful to remove duplicate, or "near duplicate" waypoints, which can accumulate over time. The Manage Duplicate Waypoints window is an easy way to do this.


To open the Manage Duplicate Waypoints window, click the Manage Duplicates button in either the EDIT menu bar or the Waypoints Panel:





The Manage Waypoint Duplicates window contains a list of waypoints that are considered "duplicates" based on the criteria set using the fields underneath the displayed waypoint list.


Location criteria can be one of Same Location, in which case only waypoints with identical locations are considered duplicates, or Within Range. When Within Range is selected, a maximum distance must be specified in the adjacent field. Any waypoints that are closer to each other than the specified distance will be considered "duplicates".


In addition to the range field, further filtering of duplicates can be applied by specifying that duplicate waypoints must also share the same name and/or creation time.


Selecting which Waypoints to Delete

Duplicate waypoints are selected by considering each waypoint in turn, and looking for any other waypoints that satisfy the specified duplicate criteria. If duplicates are found, then the first waypoint that was found is shown in the duplicates list, with all of its duplicate waypoints shown underneath it in a tree-like structure:



The initial waypoint is shown with a check mark next to it, indicating that it will not be deleted. All duplicate waypoints are initially shown without a check mark, and with a red background to indicate that they are scheduled for deletion.

To select whether or not a waypoint is scheduled for deletion, check or uncheck as required by clicking the check-box with the left mouse button.


When the required waypoints have been selected for deletion, click the Delete button at the bottom of the window, which will delete the duplicate waypoints and close the Manage Duplicate Waypoints window. Note that, as with any delete operation, deleted waypoints can be restored via Undo.