The ReefMaster Waypoint, Trail and Route Manager for Lowrance

The Waypoint Manager acts as a companion application for your Lowrance unit, providing a simple and convenient way to manage waypoints, trails and routes, and to view recorded sonar data. The Waypoint Manager can be used to view and edit waypoints, routes and trails that have already been created on a head unit, and to create new routes or waypoints, that can be then be loaded on to a head unit for use on the water.



This Software has not been developed for use as a navigation tool and neither it nor any GPS assets exported by or any other outputs from the use of this software should be used for the purposes of navigation or as a navigation aid.



Features Overview


View, edit and manage waypoints, with full equivalent Lowrance icon and colour sets and all available Lowrance waypoint attributes, including alarm radius, depth and description.

Group edit, delete or export of selected waypoints.

Duplicate waypoint removal.

Copy and paste waypoints from Google Earth.



View and edit Lowrance trails with the full Lowrance colour set.

Split trails composed of multiple recording segments into individual trails, allowing each to be edited separately.

Convert trails to routes, with adjustable trail simplification so you can generate routes with just as many route points as you need.

Bulk editing, delete or export.

Copy and paste trails from Google Earth.



Graphical route editing.

Create routes by hand or using a list of waypoints.

Quickly convert trails, or parts of trails, to routes, with adjustable simplification level.

Convert route points to waypoints, singly or in bulk.


Sonar Viewer

Multi channel sonar viewer supports Lowrance SLG, SL2 and SL3 sonar file formats.

View all recorded channels, together or in any combination, with flexible sonar channel layout.

Take waypoints in 2D or sidescan channel views.

Fast playback up to 30x speed.

View sonar side-by-side with map view, or in a full window.

Take high resolution image snapshots to the clipboard.

Measure distance in any channel view and or estimate object height in the sidescan channel view.

Range of sonar colour palettes, with adjustable brightness and contrast.