The ReefMaster Sonar Viewer provides basic waypoint functions that allow the loading and saving of waypoint files, and display, creation and editing of individual waypoints in the map view.


Loading and Saving Waypoint Files

Waypoint files can be loaded and saved in the following file formats:


GPX (GPs eXhange), which is an open XML based format supported by a wide variety of units and software applications.

Lowrance USR v3

Humminbird HWR


Loading waypoint files

Waypoint files are loaded in the same way as sonar log files:


Click the Browse button in the load file view and select a waypoint file from the file explorer window.

Click a recently opened sonar file in the recent files list.

Use the Load File menu option in the right-button menu.


Once the selected waypoint file has been loaded, a small information window is shown:



Note that a sonar log file must be loaded before the main view is displayed.


Saving waypoint files

To save waypoints, right-click anywhere within the map or sonar viewers (when the mouse pointer is not over a waypoint) and select the Save waypoints menu item:



A file save window is shown, in which the name and format of the waypoints file can be chosen:



Select the required format from the Save as type drop-down list, and enter the required file name.


Note that Lowrance format waypoints are saved in USR version 3.


Viewing and Editing Waypoints

Waypoints are displayed as icons within the map view:



To show waypoint labels, select the Show waypoint labels option in the right mouse button menu. The label for an individual waypoint can be shown by holding the mouse pointer over the icon for that waypoint:



Editing a Waypoint

To open an individual waypoint for editing, either double-click the waypoint (with the mouse in select mode), or right-click the waypoint and select the Edit Waypoint menu option:



The Edit Waypoint window is shown:



1. Waypoint Symbol

Select the required waypoint symbol using the drop-down list.


2. Waypoint Name

A waypoint name can be entered into the text-box. Be aware that some waypoint formats have a limited length for waypoint names, which will be truncated when saving if required.


3. Position

Latitude and longitude can be entered in the supplied fields. The format for latitude and longitude can be changed by using the GPS format display setting on the load file view.


4. Time

A time can be entered for a waypoint. When creating waypoints, this time is set to the current system time.


5. Delete

The selected waypoint can be deleted by clicking the delete button. Deleting of waypoints can be undone via the right-button menu (undo delete waypoint).


6. OK or Cancel

Click the OK button (the check-mark) to close the Edit Waypoint window and save changes. Click the cancel button (cross) to close the window without saving changes.


Moving Waypoints

Waypoints can be moved by entering new coordinates directly into the fields within the Edit Waypoint  window (see above), or by dragging with the mouse. By default, waypoints are locked so that they cannot be moved accidentally. To move waypoints by dragging, first unlock waypoints by un-checking the right-button menu option Lock waypoints:



Once waypoints are unlocked, they can be dragged by clicking and holding the left mouse button and moving the waypoint, with the mouse in select mode.


Creating a New Waypoint

To create a new waypoint:


Click anywhere in the map or sonar viewer with the left mouse button, with the mouse in drop waypoint mode.

Right-click anywhere in map or sonar viewer and select the Create waypoint menu option.


The New Waypoint window is shown, with the same options as the Edit Waypoint window (see above).


Deleting Waypoints

Individual waypoints can be deleted by right-clicking with the mouse over the required waypoint, and selecting the Delete Waypoint menu option


To delete all waypoints, click the right mouse button with the pointer in "open space" (not over a waypoint) and select the Delete all waypoints menu option. A warning window will be shown:



To confirm the deletion of all waypoints, click the Delete button (circled), or click Cancel to abort. Note that the delete all waypoints operation can be undone by using the undo delete all waypoints menu item in right button menu.