Mouse Control

The Left Mouse Button

The left mouse button performs different actions, depending on the selected Mouse Mode. The mouse mode can be selected by clicking the appropriate button in the mouse mode panel in the window header:



1. Select

Waypoints can be selected with a left-button mouse click or opened for editing by double-clicking.


2. Zoom

Press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to draw a zoom rectangle. The display will zoom to fill the area drawn.


3. Pan (move)

Press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to move the map display.


4. Drop Waypoint

Press the left mouse button to create a new waypoint at the mouse cursor location.


5. Measure

Press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to draw a ruler that measures distance and shows the compass heading between the start and end measure points:



Estimating object height in the side-scan sonar viewer

The side-scan sonar view also includes a function to estimate object height from the shadow, by using the right mouse button when in measure mode:



To use the measure height function, press and hold the right mouse button with the mouse cursor over the object of interest. Move the mouse to the end of the shadow cast by the object of interest - the estimated height is displayed on the ruler.


Double Click

Double-clicking with the left mouse button in the sonar viewer forces the channel view to fit vertical limits (horizontal limits for the side-scan display).

Double-clicking with the left mouse button, with the mouse in select mode, opens a waypoint underneath the mouse pointer for editing.


The Right Mouse Button

Clicking the right mouse button brings up a menu. If a waypoint is underneath the mouse cursor, the waypoint menu is shown, with options to edit or delete the selected waypoint:



If no waypoint is under the mouse cursor, the following menu is shown:



1. File operations

Load File opens a file-browsing window, from where a sonar log or waypoint file can be loaded. Note that this option does not return to the Load File View.

Save Waypoints opens saves all current waypoints.


2. Waypoint operations

Includes options to create a new waypoint at the current mouse location, configure the way waypoints are displayed and delete all current waypoints - see Waypoints.


3. Undo/Redo

Waypoint operations, including deleting and moving of waypoints, can be undone. Once an operation has been undone, it can be "re-done", which reverses the undo operation.


The Middle Mouse Button

The middle mouse button can be used to pan the display in the same way as the left mouse button in Pan mode, regardless of the currently selected mouse mode.


The Mouse Wheel

The mouse wheel is used to zoom the display; moving the mouse wheel forwards increases the zoom level and moving the mouse wheel backwards zooms out of the display.