The ReefMaster Sonar Viewer

The ReefMaster Sonar Viewer is a Windows PC application that combines a multi-channel sonar viewer with a map view that displays side-scan sonar and provides waypoint management features.



System Requirements

ReefMaster Sonar Viewer requires Windows 7 or later with hardware support for DirectX 10.1.


Supported File Types

The ReefMaster Sonar Viewer is compatible with the following sonar log file formats:

Lowrance and Simrad sonar log files of type .SLG and .SL2.

Humminbird sonar log files of type .SON.


Waypoints can be loaded and saved in the following formats:

Lowrance .USR files (versions 2 and 3).

Humminbird .HWR files.

GPX (GPS Exchange) files, which can be used in a wide range of units and software applications.



The ReefMaster Sonar Viewer is localised for the following languages, and is automatically shown in the language most appropriate to the user's installed operating system:


English (UK)





Getting Started

Using the ReefMaster Sonar Viewer is straightforward; when the application is started, the Load File View is shown, from where a single sonar file is selected from disk and loaded. Once the sonar file has been loaded, the application switches to the Main View, which contains the sonar viewer and map view.


For a brief overview of how to use the sonar viewer, read the Quick Start.