Sidescan Mosaic

Sidescan mosaic is the overlaying of sidescan data from a sonar log onto the map view. The process involves removing the water column from the raw sonar return and locating the remaining sonar image in the correct geographic location. The result of this process is a highly detailed two dimensional map image showing underwater structure and features.



Sidescan imagery from a single sonar log showing an underwater road in a flooded dam



The sidescan mosaic module is an additional module, and is compatible with sonar recordings from Lowrance and Humminbird side-imaging units.


Sidescan Track Review and Sidescan Mosaics

Sidescan mosaic features within ReefMaster can be broadly split between two main functions; individual track review, which provides easy access to in-place sidescan imagery as part of the existing track edit window, and sidescan mosaic, which allows sidescan imagery from multiple tracks to be combined to produce large, composite "mosaics".


Many of the functions to control the display of sidescan data are common to both the track-review and mosaicking windows, and are described in sidescan track review.


Using Mosaic Images in ReefMaster and other Applications

Sidescan mosaic imagery can be saved in a range of formats for use within ReefMaster and other applications. See Exporting Sidescan Mosaic Images.

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