Spot Depths

Spot depths are position and depth data points that can be added to a map project by hand to fill gaps in any source data.


Note that for spot depths to be useful, the depths of any points that are added should be known ahead of time. For example, spot depths can be useful for adding known, shallow depths in areas where it is not possible to collect data with a boat.


Spot depths behave in the same way as any other source data during map generation.

Spot depths are shown and edited in the tracks and boundaries map project view.

To add spot depths to a map project, first ensure that the current map view is set to tracks and boundaries:



Open the Spot Depths edit panel and click the button Edit Spot Depths. The Spot Depth Toolbar is shown, and the mouse is put into Edit mode with a pencil cursor:





Spot depths can be added by clicking within the map view. A point will be added, with the depth specified in the Depth field of the spot depth toolbar. Depth can be edited here, or by double clicking on an existing spot depth and editing the depth in the Edit Spot Depths window:




After spot depths have been added and edited they must be saved by clicking the Save button in the spot depths toolbar.

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