Export Map Project ESRI Grid

ESRI grid is a raster file format that is compatible with a wide range of GIS applications.


To export the map grid, click the Export button in the map menu bar and select the option Export ESRI Grid:




The Export Grid window is shown, with some further options:



(1) Grid cell size

Grid size can be specified in metres, in the range 1 - 20. Note that the exported grid is specified in geographical coordinates, with square grid cells in terms of degrees. This means that, unless the map is located on the equator, grid cells in the exported file will not be square in terms of metres. The specified grid cell size applies to the horizontal dimension; the vertical grid size in metres will be the north/south distance covered by the number of horizontal degrees in the specified size (so usually, somewhat larger than the horizontal grid dimension).


(2) Write depths as negative values

By default, depths are written as negative values. Uncheck this option to write depths as positive values.



All ESRI grid depths are specified in metres.

ESRI grid export is only available for map projects that have been generated, as the data is sourced from the elevation model produced during the generate process.


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