Creating Survey Lines

ReefMaster includes a quick and simple way to generate parallel lines at a set spacing and bearing, which can be used to form survey lines to be followed when collecting data.


Survey lines are generated as part of a map project, and once created the new set of survey lines are added to the existing map project as a new polyline map layer. This map layer can then be further styled and edited as required, before being exported for use in a chartplotter.


To generate a set of survey lines, first ensure that the map project is view is set to the map view, and then click the Generate Survey Lines button in the project menu bar:



The survey lines toolbar is shown within the map view, and the mouse is set to a rectangle drawing tool.


Draw a rectangle covering the area in which survey lines are required. To draw the rectangle, hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse.

Once the mouse button has been released, the survey lines are displayed along with the containing region. The containing region can be further sized or moved as required by using the grab handles at the centre, corners and edges:




1. Survey line spacing and bearing

The spacing of the survey lines can be changed by using the numeric entry field. The bearing of the survey lines can be adjusted between 0-180 degrees by using the slider.


2. Clip to map layer

The generated survey lines can be clipped to any polygon or isobath layer that is already present in the map project. Clipping survey lines can be useful for limiting lines to water body areas.


3. Add to existing layer

By default, survey lines will be added to a new polyline map layer. Check the option Add to existing layer to add the new lines to an existing polyline map layer instead. After checking the Add to existing layer option, a layer should be selected from the drop-down list box underneath.


4. Save or Cancel

The survey lines need to be saved before they are added to the map. Click Cancel to discard the generated lines.

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