Navigating The Project Window

The Project Window is displayed when a project is opened for editing. The project window consists of a map display, which can be set to one of three Project Views. The Project Toolbar is displayed when the project window is shown, and further editing options for the project can be shown in the Layers and Edit panels by clicking the buttons at the right of the window:


(1) Project Menu Bar, (2) Layers panel, (3) Edit panel


The Project Menu Bar

The project bar contains the most commonly required functions and settings for configuring and building map projects:



(1) Export Map, (2) Generate Map, (3) Project View Selector



(4) Contour and isobath build settings, (5) General map settings



Map Project Views

The Map Project Edit Window has three separate Views; Define Map, Contour and 3D, which provide different editing functions and view options. To move between the three views, select between the Map Project Window buttons in the project menu bar:



(1) Tracks and Boundaries

The Tracks and Boundaries View shows all of the tracks that have been added to the map project to provide the depth data for generating the map, as well as the currently defined map area, shorelines and islands and spot depths. This is the view where data is configured and viewed before the map is generated.


(2) Map View

The Map View shows the generated map. The generated map consists of a set of layers, each containing components that can be viewed in the map. Layers and components can be organised and edited in the map view.


(3) 3D View

The 3D View shows the generated map in 3D.



The Edit Panel

The Edit Panel is displayed by clicking the Edit button at the right of the workspace and contains further options used when configuring map project builds:




The Layers Panel

The Layers Panel is where map layers and their components can be organised, styled and edited. Styling and editing the look of individual map layers, and determining the relative drawing order and visibility of map layers is how the ultimate look and feel of a map is created:


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