The Layers Panel

The Layers Panel allows the organising and editing of map layers and map layer components, and can be shown by clicking on the Layers tab to the right of the workspace.


Note that the layers panel is only populated when a project is open for editing.


The layers panel is split into two sections, the Layers List and Layer Details:



(1) Layers List, (2) Layer Details


Layers List

The Layers List contains a list of all of the layers present in the current map project, ordered according to Z-order with the top-most layer being shown at the bottom of the list.



Click on a layer with the left mouse button to select that layer, which can then be edited within the Layer Details panel (see below).

Use the SHIFT or CONTROL keys in conjunction with the left mouse buttons to select multiple map layers, for operations such as exporting or copying.

Toggle the visibility of a map layer using the check-box to the left of the layer name.

Move layers within the drawing (Z) order by either dragging a layer up or down the list, or using the UP/DOWN buttons (3). Note that a single layer must be selected for these buttons to be enabled. Layers at the top of the list are shown at the back of the map, with the bottom-most layer being shown at the front. Note that polyline and contour vector layers are always shown on top of polygon, isobath and raster layers.

Delete one or more selected map layers by using the Delete button (4).



Creating a New Map Layer

Create a new, empty map layer by clicking the New button (1). The New Map Layer window will be shown, where a name for the new map layer can be entered and the map layer type and colour scheme can be selected:



New map layers are never linked to the underlying map project (they are not generated), and can be used to draw extra map components or to receive components copied from other map layers.


Importing a Map Layer

Vector map layers can be imported from Google Earth (KML or KMZ files) or ESRI Shapefiles by clicking the Import button (2). See Importing Map Layers.




Right click on a selected layer within the list to show additional options:



1. Export Selected Layer(s)

One or more selected layers can be exported in a range of formats. See Exporting Map Projects for more information. When exporting a complete map project, all visible layers are exported. When explicitly exporting selected layers, all selected layers are exported regardless of whether they are currently visible.


2. Copy/Cut/Paste Layer(s)

Choose copy or cut to put a copy of the selected layers into the clipboard. When cutting layers, the layers will be removed from the current map project. Layers can then be pasted into another map project.


3. Copy Layer(s) to Map Project

Use this option to copy the selected map layers to another map project. It is possible to create a new project to receive the map layers.


4. Duplicate Layer

Create a copy of this map layer within the current map project. This option can be useful to prevent a generated layer from being updated when the project is next rebuilt - the duplicated layer will remain intact.


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