Exporting Track Data

To export a single track, click the Export Track button in the Track menu bar:




Multiple tracks can be exported at the same time by selecting them in the Tracks asset list and using the menu option Export:



The Export Tracks window is shown, where the required export format and further options can be specified:



Choose the required export format from the list of available formats (1). Further options vary by format, and are shown in the main area of the window (2).


Export Formats

Tide-adjust depths

This option is available for all export formats that include track-point depth information. When this option is checked, track-point depths are adjusted using any keel offset, water level offset and tide information associated with the track. When this option is not checked, the "raw" value of the track-points is exported.



Export tracks as a single shapefile, using the specified Geometry Type, which can be one of PolyLine, Point or MultiPoint.

Note that when exporting tracks as polylines, no depth information is included.

When exporting as point or multi-point, depths are written for each point in the chosen units:




CSV is a simple text file format that contains a list of positions and depths, in the format Latitude, Longitude, Depth.

Options when exporting the CSV format include whether or not to include column headers, and which columns to include:





The GPX format is an XML based format thatis compatible with a wide range of GPS devices and GIS applications.

The GPX format differs slightly in the way that depth is represented for track-points, depending on whether Humminbird or Garmin units are being targeted.


Multiple, separate tracks can be written to a single GPX file. The option generated single segmented track will write multiple tracks to a single GPX "track", with each source track being represented as a separate segment within that track:





Tracks are written, oner per track, to Humminbird .HT track files.

Select the option Combine multiple tracks in single .HT files to export multiple tracks using as few HT files as possible. This can be useful when track space is limited on the target unit.


Only check the option Unicode track and waypoint names when running an Asian Humminbird unit:



Google Earth

Tracks are exported as line components in a single Google Earth layer. No depth information is exported and there are no additional options when exporting to Google Earth.

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