Getting Started


Getting Help

Help can be accessed in a number of ways from throughout the ReefMaster application:



(1) Click the Help button in the Main Toolbar to open this help manual to the contents page.


(2) Pop-up help is available in many places throughout the application and can be viewed by holding the mouse over a button, or over text next to a data entry field.


(3) Press the F1 button at any time to open this help manual.


The ReefMaster Forum

ReefMaster has an active community forum, with sections for news, support and general mapping technology and techniques. Many common questions will have already been answered there, and it is great place to look for news and ask for advice.


Checking for ReefMaster Updates

The ReefMaster application is periodically updated as new features are added and issues are fixed. You should check for updates occasionally by clicking the check for updates button on the ReefMaster startup window, or choosing the check for updates option in the File menu. If an update is available, it will be downloaded and installed automatically. News about updates is posted in the News section of the ReefMaster forum.


ReefMaster Basics

The basic concepts,  layout and terminology used throughout ReefMaster, are described in the ReefMaster Basics manual section. As a starting point, load up the demo workspace that is included with the application, and read through the following topics:


Assets and the Assets Library

The Workspace

Application Layout

The Edit Window


Once you have a handle on navigating your way around the application, a good introduction to using ReefMaster is to follow the tutorial Start to Finish - Create a Map for Your GPS, which goes through the entire process of creating a map; from importing GPS data, right through to exporting the finished map contours. Data files are provided.


ReefMaster Configuration

Before using ReefMaster with your own data, it's a good idea to take some time to configure the application:


Choose the units that ReefMaster uses to display GPS coordinates, depths and distances in the Global Settings.

Set up a Tide Station, if you are making maps of tidal waters.

Configure a GPS Equipment Profile with information about your GPS/Sounder unit.


Using ReefMaster with Your Own Data

The following topics will help with collecting, importing and using your own GPS data:


Collecting Track Log Data

GPS Data Sources and File Types

Importing Sonar Logs and Waypoints


Making Your Own Maps


Re-visit the tutorial Start to Finish - Create a Map for Your GPS, using your own data.

Read the Map Projects manual pages.


Feature limitations in the Trial Version

All data import operations are fully functional in the trial version.

All editing functions are available in the trial version.

Map export is limited to a small selection of styles. Raster and shaded relief images carry a watermark when created with the trial version.

Sidescan Mosaic export is disabled.


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