What’s new in version 1.8 of ReefMaster?


Sidescan Mosaic Module

The Sidescan Mosaic is an additional module, compatible with both PRO and LITE ReefMaster editions.


Sidescan mosaic uses sonar recordings from Lowrance and Humminbird side-imaging units to provide real-time viewing of “in situ” sidescan sonar recordings in the track edit window, as well as the ability to combine sidescan imagery from any number of tracks to produce high resolution “mosaicked” images of the underwater environment.


Shaded Relief

Shaded relief, or hill shading, is a raster export that is produced using a top-down view of the 3D model of a map project. The exported image is shaded according to the vertical scale and light direction, which produces an image that appears three dimensional. Shaded relief images can be used as raster backgrounds for AT5 or Google Earth maps - see Exporting Map Projects.


Preset Map Styles

Preset Map Styles are a new, one-click export option available from map projects.

Maps can be exported in a range of AT5 and Google Earth formats with no further configuration required.


Text File Data Import

The existing CSV (comma separated value) import function has been completely overhauled to support a much wider range of source data. Changes include support for a very wide range of geographic coordinate systems and depth formats. See Importing Text Data Files for more.

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