The Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar contains buttons for core application functions such as creating or opening a workspace and importing data from a GPS device.





1. About

Show the About ReefMaster information window. If the application is registered, this window also shows details of the activation key.


2. Show Help

Show this help file.


3. Settings

Show the Global Settings window.


4. Global View

Show the Global View.


5. New Workspace

Create a new workspace. The New Workspace window will open, where a new workspace name and location is entered. The current workspace is closed if a new workspace is created. See The Workspace.


6. Open Workspace

Open another workspace. A file browsing window will open, from which a workspace file can be selected. The current workspace is closed if a new workspace is opened. See The Workspace.


7. Import GPS Assets

Open the Import GPS Assets window, to select files containing waypoints and/or track-logs for import into ReefMaster.


8. Log Live Track

Create a new track and start logging data to the track from a live NMEA 0183 connection. See Live Data.


The Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is displayed in the top bar of the main ReefMaster application window, and contains buttons for many of the functions in the Main Toolbar, which provides easy access for when the dashboard panel is hidden.


1. Open Workspace

Click the folder button to open the Open Workspace window. Alternatively, a drop-down list of recent workspaces can be shown by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the folder icon. Single click on a workspace in the list to open it.



The following functions perform the same actions as the buttons in the main toolbar (see above):


2. New Workspace

3. Import GPS Assets

4. Global Settings

5. Open the Help Manual

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