What's new in ReefMaster version 1.6?

There are a number of significant changes and new features in version 1.6 of ReefMaster:


New features


New Bottom Composition add-on module.

Vector mode for map projects gives great looking maps and a wider range of map export options, including Google Earth maps for mobile devices.

Fully customisable User Maps for near WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) map editing for Navico devices.

ESRI grid export from map projects; export generated map grids for use in GIS applications.

Integration with the Navico Insight Map Creator makes creating AT5 maps for Navico devices a one-click process from ReefMaster.

Volumes and Areas add-on module calculates the mapped area and water and sediment volumes over a range of depths.



Significant Changes


Map projects now have a generate map button which must be used when map parameters have been changed; maps no longer automatically regenerate.

ReefMaster now runs in 64 bit on 64 bit operating systems. This means that ReefMaster can use more memory, if available, and produce even bigger maps.

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