Activating a ReefMaster License

ReefMaster is available in two editions, LITE and PRO. The LITE version does not include Map Projects, but does contain all sonar viewer features and is compatible with the Sidescan Mosaic module.


A 14 day trial is provided, during which time all functions of the PRO version are available, with the exception of some export functions, which are either disabled or watermarked during the trial period.


After the trial period has ended, a license key for either the LITE or PRO edition must be purchased, or ReefMaster should be uninstalled.


Using the Trial Version

When starting up ReefMaster whilst still within the 14 day trial period (and without having already a key), the window below is show:



To continue using the trial version, click Continue Trial.


Buying and Activating a ReefMaster License

Clicking Buy ReefMaster from within the start-up window will take you to the online purchase page for ReefMaster, where a license key for either the LITE or PRO edition may be purchased. The purchase page can be found here.


Activating a License

A ReefMaster license key consists of a series of 28 alphanumeric characters, in groups of four characters separated by hyphens. When entering the license key in the steps below, it should be cut and pasted into the required field in exactly the same format as it has been received.




Click Activate License, either in the start-up window, or in the About ReefMaster window, which can be opened by clicking the About ReefMaster button at the top of the Main Toolbar.



Click Activate ReefMaster online now



Paste your ReefMaster activation key into the Product Key field and click Next. A window is shown with the status of the activation. Close this window to continue using ReefMaster.


Installing additional ReefMaster modules

Volumes and Areas, Bottom Composition and Sidescan Mosaic are additional ReefMaster modules that can be activated by following the upgrade process from the ReefMaster About window. Note that these are additional-cost modules, and that the upgrade process involves visiting the purchase website.


The Volumes and Areas and Bottom Composition modules require an existing ReefMaster PRO license.

The Sidescan Mosaic module is compatible with both the PRO and LITE editions.




Open the About ReefMaster window by clicking on the About ReefMaster button at the top of the Main Toolbar.

The installed status of the Bottom Composition, Volumes and Areas and Sidescan Mosaic modules is displayed.

To add a module, click the Upgrade button.

The Upgrade License window is shown:



Adding a module by purchasing from the ReefMaster website


Click the Upgrade button (1) next to the text "Purchase an upgrade online:".

This will open the default web-browser to the module purchase page, and include details of your current license key, which are required for the upgrade process.

Follow the purchase process.

Once the purchase is completed, return to ReefMaster and click the Reactivate License button. This will update your current installation, and the installed status of the purchased module should change within the About window.

Restart ReefMaster for the changes to take effect.

If the same ReefMaster key is also being used on another PC, then the licence must be reactivated on that machine by clicking the Reactivate button, before the new features become available.


Adding a module using a pre-purchased license code

Modules can also be added by using a upgrade code purchased from a ReefMaster reseller. If you have a pre-purchased upgrade code:


Enter the upgrade code into the space provided (2). Upgrade codes consist of a sequence of letters and numbers, and are not case sensitive. It is important that the code is entered correctly.

Click the Upgrade button (3).

ReefMaster will contact the license server and attempt to install the module upgrade. All of the modules associated  with the specified upgrade key will be activated.

If the same key is in use on another PC, then the license on that machine needs to be reactivated before the new modules become available (note that the full upgrade process does not need to be performed again on the second machine, and would actually fail because the upgrade code has already been used). To reactivate the license on the second machine, open the About window and click the Reactivate License button.


Deactivating a ReefMaster License

Licenses can be deactivated so that they can be re-activated on a different PC.


Open the About ReefMaster window by clicking on the About ReefMaster button at the top of the Main Toolbar.

Click the Deactivate License button.


Exporting and Importing User Settings

All user settings, such as unit display settings, recent workspaces, user defined palettes and GPS equipment profiles are stored in a User Settings file. This file can be exported so that it can be transferred to another machine.


Click the Export user settings button to save the user settings file, and choose a file name in the save file dialog.

Click Import user settings to import a user settings file. Note that all current user settings will be overwritten.


Uninstalling ReefMaster

To uninstall ReefMaster, use the Windows function Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a program.


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