Creating a New Map Project

There are a number of different ways to create a new map project; "empty" map projects can be created, which contain no tracks, using the New Project command in the  Asset Library or the Global View, or new projects can created by selecting one or more tracks  and using the Add Tracks to Project command.


Creating a New Map Project From the Asset Library



(1) New Project Button

An empty new project can be created using the New Asset button in the header of the projects list in the Asset Library.


(2) The Track Context Menu

Select one or more tracks in the Tracks asset list and right click to display the context menu. Select the option Add Track to Project/New Project. If other projects exist within range of the selected track, they will also be listed under the New Project option, and the track(s) can be added to one of those projects. Projects of which the track is already a member can not be selected. When a project is created via the track context menu, the selected track(s) are added to the new project.


Creating a New Map Project from the Global View


Context Menu

An empty project can be created using the screen-level context menu in the Global View.


Selected Track(s)



Select one or more tracks in the global view, using the mouse in multi-select mode. Click the Add Tracks to Project button, shown on the multi-select tool-bar, and select New Project. A new map project is created containing the selected tracks. Alternatively, right click on a selected track and select Add Tracks to Project from the context menu.


The New Project Window



Whichever method is used to create the new project, the New Project window is shown. A name can be entered for the project, and the project is created once the OK button is pressed. Once the project has been created, the Project Edit Window is opened, with Define Map as the selected view.


Making a Map

A map project needs one or more tracks in order to provide the depth data. Optionally, a map can also contain shorelines and islands, which help define the map area and can also provide depths in areas too shallow to access in a boat (e.g. the shoreline itself, with a depth of zero).


The steps required to create and view an underwater map are:


Import sonar or track logs, to create one or more ReefMaster Tracks.

Create a new Map Project and add the imported track(s).

Add shorelines and islands, if required.

Define the area of the Map, so that the map is generated.

View the generated contour and 3D maps.


This process is described in detail in the tutorial Start to Finish - Create a Map for your GPS which is a good introduction to the mapping in ReefMaster.

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