Which ReefMaster Product is Right for Me?

Our flagship product, ReefMaster 2.0, provides underwater mapping, sidescan mosaic, sonar viewer and waypoint management features in one package. If you want to create maps or sidescan mosaics, this is the product you need.

If you just need a way of reviewing sonar log files and managing waypoints, trails and routes, and are not interested in creating your own maps (or already use another mapping solution), then the new Waypoint Manager/Sonar Viewer for Lowrance or our standalone Sonar Viewer application may be the product for you.

The Waypoint Manager/Sonar Viewer for Lowrance is a new product that combines advanced waypoint, trail and route management with a multi-channel sonar viewer. If you use a Lowrance sonar, this is the application you need. Lowrance users should choose this product over our older standalone Sonar Viewer, as the new Waypoint Manager contains most of the sonar viewer features of that product, along with much improved waypoint, trail and route management which has been developed with Lowrance products in mind. If you have already purchased the older standalone sonar viewer, you can use the same activation key for the new Waypoint Manager/Sonar Viewer for Lowrance.

Our older standalone Sonar Viewer includes a multi-channel sonar viewer and is compatible with sonar files from both Lowrance and Humminbird devices. The Sonar Viewer has only basic, generic waypoint management features, and does not support any trail or route management. Humminbird users should choose this, whereas Lowrance users will probably be better served by our newer Waypoint Manager application.