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UPSIDEDOWN CONTOUR LINE LABELS 2 months 4 days ago #12587

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I've created a LORAN C grid (outside of Reefmaster) consisting of X and Y polylines that is saved in Shapefile format. Each polyline is assigned a coordinate ID that is saved as a text string in the Value attribute of a polyline feature. The shapefile is imported into Reefmaster as Contours -> Feet so I can customize the elevation label to display alpha-numeric text strings. The gridlines display as expected but in the Y lines, every other label display upside-down.

1. Is there any setting that I can modify to make the labels display upright?
2. Is there any setting I can modify to chose where the label displays on the line? Seem like they are all over the place and it would be nice if they displayed in a single file lined up North to South (for X lines) and West to East (for Y lines).

I've imported the grid to other GIS applications and all the labels display upright in a (somewhat) linear fashion.

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