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TOPIC: Changing depths in feet

Changing depths in feet 1 year 8 months ago #11370

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I recently surveyed a water body. When generating the map I noticed that the "depth in feet scale" showed -3 to 36 feet. This isnt correct as the depth at the shoreline is always zero. Also the pond wasnt 36 feet deep. How do I change these numbers?
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Changing depths in feet 1 year 8 months ago #11371

  • Matt
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The first thing to note is that the depth range you see in the palette will show the full range of the isobaths that were created to encompass the depths in your map. This will likely be a larger depth range than your actual values - e.g. if your recorded depths are 0 - 35 feet and you have 10 feet contours, then you'll see a maximum depth of 40 because the deepest isobath runs from 30-40 feet.

Having said that, the values do seem a bit weird and I am wondering if you have generated this map in metres and then switched to viewing in feet? If so, make sure to regenerate the map after switching units. If you did generate the map in feet with a major contour increment of 3 feet, then the negative value must come from a water level adjustment - either the project as a whole (water level offset) or in one or more of the component tracks. Track water level can be affected by water level offset, tides or keel offset. Check these to see, and also look at the depth range of your track points in the tracks and boundaries view - you can see the minimum depth value of the raw track points in the Tracks section of the Edit tab.

What depth range did you expect for this project?
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