Four years after the release of ReefMaster v1, we are excited to announce the release of ReefMaster v2, which marks the beginning of a new release cycle and brings major improvements in performance, functionality and usability.


2017-04-04 13-16-12


What's New?

ReefMaster 2 is a major new update, including:

  • Much more powerful and flexible map editing with the introduction of a layers based map architecture.

  • New map features, including project-level water level offsets, spot depths and automatic survey grid generator.

  • Huge improvements to sidescan mosaic rendering, including automatic blending between overlapping sidescan swathes, noise reduction and hardware accelerated image sharpening.

  • Headings support for sidescan mosaic.

  • New and improved map and image export options.

  • Improved performance throughout.

  • Refreshed and updated user interface with comprehensive in-app help.

  • Lowrance SL3 sonar log file support.

  • For a much more in-depth look at the changes in ReefMaster 2, and how to migrate from ReefMaster 1, click here.

How Do I Upgrade?

  • ReefMaster 2 installs "side by side" with ReefMaster v1, with a new 14 day trial period. ReefMaster 2 can be downloaded here.
  • If you have an existing ReefMaster v1 installation, please ensure that this is updated to the latest version (1.8.41 or later) before installing ReefMaster 2.
  • Existing ReefMaster v1 users can upgrade to ReefMaster 2 for US$50 (+ VAT, where applicable). Any existing additional modules are retained across the upgrade process, and ReefMaster 1 can continue to be used in parallel if required.
  • The upgrade to ReefMaster 2 can be purchased via an in-app Upgrade button, if an existing ReefMaster v1 key is present.
  • For new users, the price of ReefMaster 2 is now US$199 + VAT.
  • The ReefMaster LITE edition has been discontinued, and ReefMaster 2 loses the PRO designation to become simply “ReefMaster”.

 What is the ReefMaster Upgrade Policy?

  • All minor version upgrades, X.x to X.x+1, are free.
  • Major-version upgrades are not free, but upgrade costs are significantly less than the cost of a new license.
  • Major-version upgrades are planned to happen every few years, with a large number of minor-version updates in between. Minor-version updates (over 30 during the lifetime of the ReefMaster v1 release cycle) can contain bug fixes as well as significant functional upgrades.
  • Planned updates as part of the ReefMaster 2 release cycle include; GeoTiff support (import and export), XTF file format support, automatic edge (bottom) detection in sonar files, vegetation mapping and more.